Founded in 2020

Birth of an Icon: Where Tradition Meets Innovation, Celebrating Baluchie Milano's Journey of Passion, Dedication, and Elegance.

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Our Values

Fashion has the power to celebrate and elevate all types of people, regardless of race, gender, age, body type, or other characteristics. By embracing diversity in our marketing, design, and hiring practices, we create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.


Every piece is sustainably made: from the labour that we use to the materials.


We're transparent about costs and work with our customers to deliver exceptional value.


Every product reflects meticulous attention to detail, combining timeless techniques with modern innovation to bring forth unparalleled quality.

"Absolutely unparalleled contemporary designs and service. I'm confident that this fashion house will be the trend in its industry, and that its products will be innovative."

— Edoardo Ricci

The House - Baluchie Milano

In the heart of the fashion realm lies a beacon of style and innovation, a place where age-old traditions meld effortlessly with contemporary design. This haven of elegance is none other than Baluchie Milano, a prominent fashion house founded by Alex M. Jackson. Its narrative, deeply interwoven with its unique creations, sets it apart in the sartorial world.

The profound significance of our name, "Baluchie Milano", encapsulates the essence of our brand's identity and its journey. "Baluchie", an amalgamation of "Baloo" and "Chie", represents a delicate balance. While "Baloo" embodies strength, tenacity, and a bond with nature, "Chie" exudes sophistication, grace, and artistic mastery. Together, they create the cornerstone philosophy of our house: a harmonious union of natural splendor and refined elegance.

The term "MILANO" pays homage to the vibrant heart of Milan, which has greatly influenced our brand's ethos. This city, celebrated for its art, culture, and fashion, has acted as our muse, refining our vision and aesthetic. By embracing "Milano" within our moniker, we honor the city's rich legacy, and we strive to maintain its renowned standard of style and craftsmanship.

Every collection at Baluchie Milano narrates a part of our journey — a journey that Alex M. Jackson embarked on with a dream and a vision. From the initial spark of an idea to its realization as a tangible garment, our fashion house exemplifies dedication. While our roots lie deep within Italian traditions, our gaze is set firmly on the future, continuously pushing the boundaries and setting new benchmarks in fashion.

Our odyssey isn't solely about crafting garments. It's about spinning stories, invoking emotions, and forging a legacy. It's about capturing the global fashion zeitgeist while revering our Italian lineage. Step into the world of Baluchie Milano.

Made In Italy

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