Made In Italy

Globally renowned for its attention to luxury stardards and fashion hertiage. As a brand, HIGH QUALITY is essential.

Hierloom Pieces

Each piece is lovingly handmade by italian artisans and checked and re-checked for durability.

Perfect Gifts

Every piece of Baluchie is beautifully wrapped. Each piece is a gift even if that gift is to yourself.

Ethical Materials

All of our cottons come from sustainable ethical sources. We guarantee the best in humanitarian apparel.

Our story

is one that intertwines passion, heritage, and a profound love for fashion. Founded in 2020 by Alex Jackson, a former professional basketball player with a relentless pursuit of elegance, our journey began with a dream to redefine men's fashion. Alex's experiences playing basketball in Italy, Spain, Canada, and the USA sparked an admiration for Italian craftsmanship and culture.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and inclusivity, Baluchie Milano was born.

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