Made In Italy

Globally renowned for its attention to luxury stardards and fashion hertiage. As a brand, HIGH QUALITY is essential.

Heirloom Pieces

Each piece is lovingly handmade by italian artisans and checked and re-checked for durability.

Perfect Gifts

Every piece of Baluchie is beautifully wrapped. Each piece is a gift even if that gift is to yourself.

Ethical Materials

All of our cottons come from sustainable ethical sources. We guarantee the best in humanitarian apparel.

Introducing our Coin Logo T-Shirt

The Timeless Coin Logo, a Symbol of Italian Craftsmanship, Adorns the Chest, Radiating a Sense of Timeless Style and Distinction. Embrace the Perfect Fusion of Luxury and Comfort, as Each T-Shirt Becomes an Emblem of Unparalleled Sophistication. Redefining Your Fashion Journey with Every Thread. Join Us in a World Where Fashion Meets Artistry, and Discover the Power of the Baluchie Milano Coin Logo T-Shirt.

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As featured in

Contemporary assortment

Our team of talented designers have poured their heart and soul into creating pieces that are not only beautiful, but also functional and durable.

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Floral Elegance, Italian Excellence

Milano Blooms: Where Fashion Meets Floral Artistry

Discover Baluchie Milano's latest collection: a blend of urban sophistication and nature's artistry. Delicate floral patterns echo Milano's passion, weaving tales of bustling streets and serene gardens into every design. Dive into beauty with every fold.

Elegance in Every Petal

Unveiling Baluchie Milano's floral symphony, where metropolitan chic meets nature's splendor. Each design is a testament to the enchanting blend of style and serenity, showcasing the vibrant dance between urban life and blooming gardens.

"Absolutely unparalleled contemporary designs and service. I'm confident that this fashion house will be the trend in its industry, and that its products will be innovative."

— Edoardo Ricci

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Our Story

Born from a dream, our brand weaves a path to fashion's era.

Our Story

Born from a dream, our brand weaves a path to fashion's era.

The Lookbook

Celebrate the spirit of Italian-inspired fashion in a symphony of timeless style.

The Lookbook

Celebrate the spirit of Italian-inspired fashion in a symphony of timeless style.


"As someone who values sustainability, I appreciate that Baluchie Milano uses eco-friendly materials in their products. I recently bought a wallet from them, and it's not only stylish but also durable and made with sustainable materials. I feel good about supporting a brand that cares about the environment."

— Ryan M.

5 stars

"I had the pleasure of working with Baluchie Milano on a custom order for my wife's birthday, and the experience was fantastic. The team was responsive, attentive, and worked with me every step of the way to ensure that the final product was exactly what I had in mind. My wife was thrilled with her gift, and I couldn't be more grateful for the excellent customer service."

— Pedro A.

New Brand

"I absolutely love Baluchie Milano's products! The quality is fantastic, and the attention to detail is impressive. I recently purchased their handbag and have received so many compliments on it. I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for stylish and high-quality fashion accessories."

— Sarah Johnson